About CD Private Equity Fund Series

The CD Private Equity Fund Series is focused on investing with and alongside specialised private equity funds targeting middle-market operating businesses in the US.

Fund I, II, III are ASX listed entities, and Fund IV is an unlisted entity.

The Fund Series, through its partnership with Cordish Private Ventures, LLC (Cordish Private Ventures), replicates the long-term private equity investment strategy of Cordish Private Ventures and provides the opportunity for investors to invest side-by-side and on similar terms with the Cordish Family of Baltimore, Maryland. Cordish Private Ventures is the private investment arm of a fourth-generation US family company, The Cordish Companies and Cordish Family. Cordish Private Ventures has been investing in US private investments since the company was founded in 1999.

Fund I (CD1)

Fund II (CD2)

Fund III (CD3)

Fund IV